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Employee Portal Error

Jamie Talbot

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Hi All,


Within the last month we started using the employee portal rather than the old customer portal. However, today one user has tried logging in using the employee portal and is getting the error shown below.image.png.362b0de652117d2d2fb7e6643a31bac1.png

No one else has had any issues logging in and normally clearing cache and cookies solves this error but unfortunately this time it doesn't solve it.

The user has no issue when logging into the old customer portal only the newer employee portal. Does anyone have any ideas to how to solve this?




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@Jamie Talbot

Employee portal uses the "live" domain while the previous portal used "service" domain. For each of these domains the Identity Provider (looks like Google/Azure, but might be wrong) needs to be configured to allow users to authenticate for that domain (referred to as service). I presume you are using Azure and you have an app for each (or any) domain your user access in HB (live, service, customer, admin). The error, which is not a Hornbill error, but an error reported by your IdP, suggests the user which tries to authenticate is not allowed to use the app (for example the Google app) configured on the IdP for "live". However, this needs to be troubleshooted by you IdP administrators.

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This Google support doc might be helpful: https://support.google.com/a/answer/6301076?hl=en

To resolve the 403 app_not_configured_for_user error:

Verify that the value in the saml:Issuer tag in the SAMLRequest matches the Entity ID value configured in the SAML Service Provider Details section in the Admin console. This value is case-sensitive.

(source: the above referenced Google support article)

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