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New 'table list' type of input on PCF?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

As we're pushing Hornbill Service Manager out to more and more teams in our business, we're trying to create a process where someone in a team can request that a new process be created.

One of the questions we're going to be asking is a list of requirements or questions to be asked on the new PCF, and for this we'd like a table covering the question/requirement, HOW this is captured (selection list, free text, data query, calendar etc), TYPE of data (text, numbers, date etc),  whether it's mandatory or optional, and whether the results of that question will be needed for reporting later on (i.e. whether that result should be added to a custom field)


At the moment I can't see an easy way of gathering this information as there isn't a 'list' function available on a PCF form. 

Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts about how this could be achieved in a PCF please?

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hi @Paul Alexander

Could you give me use case/example - will be easier to understand.

My understanding is:
1) field that will just display table with all fields used in flow ?
2) There will be 5 columns with:
- field id,
- field type (text input, date input),
- field output type (string, date),
- mandatory (true/false),
- need reporting (true/false)
3) what should be output of such field?


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