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Change Calendar access inside the the employee portal.

Adam Toms

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Hi all,

We would like to be able to add a link to the change calendar inside our employee portal. 

Certain members of our IT department don't need to log or manage tickets through the IT agent portal, but would find access to the change calendar useful. So our IT Business Analysts and IT Project Managers, can gain visibility of what's going on, and avoid any potential conflicts when planning project activities.

We wouldn't want to open this information up to all, so we would need it to be controlled with a permission, that we can add into our IT Business Analysts and IT Project Managers profiles.

I can't see any ability to do this currently, so could I please request this as an enhancement?

Many Thanks.

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@Adam Toms we do have a story in our backlog to look at providing a widget of the forward schedule of change, which could be used on the employee portal.  We don't have a timeframe on this story at the moment i am afraid.

In the meantime i can suggest the following:

1. If the IT Business Analysts / IT Project Managers, have a Service Manager Subscription which allows them access to the change calendar, then you can include a link in a links widget to the change calendar on the employee portal - perhaps in a Domains page which only the IT Business Analysts / IT Projects Managers can view.

2. There is a new External Frame widget available on the employee portal, which will allow the Change Calendar URL to be defined and the Calendar to be viewed - but again only if the user has a Service Manager Subscription and a role which allows them access to the change calendar - again you could add this widget to a domain page or subpage which only those users have access too. 

3. If the IT Business Analysts / IT Project Managers don't have a Service Manager subscription (which i am kind of assuming is the case, and in the absence of the Hornbill change calendar widget, you could use the External Frame widget option again to display a Wessex Water URL, which shows the relevant information - this could be achieved by using the Hornbill APIs to get the change information you want to display, and or using something like Microsoft PowerBi, and pulling the change data you wanted from Hornbill and displaying a PowerBi view (URL) inside the External Frame, like the crude example below.


Ideally it won't be long before we have a Hornbill widget to do this, but i wanted to suggest some kind of workaround in the meantime


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Thanks @Steven Boardman for your detailed reply, much appreciated.

The forward schedule of change widget would be very useful, and I hope that this something that could be added soon.

I imagine there will be other customers as well as ourselves, especially if others have taken the same business decision to not provide their IT Business Analysts and IT Project Managers Hornbill Service Manager, as they don't need the ability to manage tickets as part of their role, but would find an FSC calendar useful.

We are very much in the early days of looking at Power Bi. My colleague, @AndyGilly has got his head around PowerBi more than I have at this stage, so we'll certainly discuss the option you've suggested as a potential workaround, over the coming days, now we know that is  a potential workaround option using PowerBi.

Thanks again




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Hi @Steven Boardman

Has this progressed any further? The widget would be useful.

I am starting to put together some "IT only" pages and added the change board to an external frame but it doesn't look great it seems to be stuck in the middle of the page, with loads of white space either side and my Hornbill icons showing in the frame.  Have I missed a setting?  If it went across the page it would be much better.




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