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Simple List Import Utility - Populating Default Display field

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Evening all, 

I'm hoping to please get some help with the Simple List Import Utility if possible :) 

Basically I'm trying to import a list from a CSV using the tool but I can't seem to get the Default Display field to populate with info from the CSV, each time I do the import the Default display is populated by the Value as shown below.


Am I missing something? or is it not possible to populate the Default Display field using the import tool?

Many thanks

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Hi @Brendan,

Your query is incorrect, you are assigning "value" to disp. As the field names is already "disp", you can just suffice with :

SELECT value as val, disp FROM SomeList.csv

You can also simply "select value, disp from SomeList.csv" and code in "value" instead of "val".

You might also want to change the {.disp} to [disp] as well (in the Translations section).

I spot that what you have is part of the sample config we deliver, I'll have a look at tweaking those.

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