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Common workflow nodes to all business processes

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When you have almost 20 business processes and you have "blocks" of nodes that are common in almost all the business processes - and those "blocks" of nodes are not identified as BP stages, having only one "entry node" and one "exit node" - whenever I have a change to make, I need to go to each BP and do the same change.

I don't know if this is something that has been talked before but, would it be a way to have those "blocks" of nodes to be designed "outside" the BPs and then be called from within the BPs like if they were "functions" or "subroutines"?

With such approach, whenever I had to change something in nodes of those "blocks", I would only need to change one "block" and not all the BPs.

(sorry about the clumsy image, but I tried to explain with it)






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