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Admin unable to see all Requests in List View

Frank Reay

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I am unsure if I am missing a setting. I am set up as a full admin in the system but I don't see all Requests in the List View. I have identified that this is because I am not in certain Resolver Groups that are assigned to the 'missing' Requests. When I search for one of these individually I can view the Request without any issues.

I had just assumed that I could see everything in List Views when I am checking odd things like Requests stuck at strange statuses etc. Clearly I don't want to be added to all Resolver Groups and using the List View is much quicker for what I want to do rather than Reports.

Is there some magic setting or role/group membership tucked away?

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@Frank Reay visibility of requests is governed by user membership to teams supporting the service and user subscription to service (where the user is the customer on the request). Being an admin (assuming you mean the "Admin Role" and/or "Super User Role") does not grant full visibility/access to requests.

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@VictorMany thanks. OK I see what you mean - that is defined in the Service Portfolio.

I have now identified that the root of the problem was we had some Requests which were not in a Service (that's a long story and hence my total confusion!). However these tickets were actually assigned to a Resolver Group that I was not in. Hence I could not see them in List View but my colleague (who is in the assigned Resolver Group) could see them. This is now all fixed.

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