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Implementing Problem and Known Error process

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

As yet we have not implemented and started utilising the Problem and Known Error processes within Service Manager, and I have been looking at getting this setup across our Services.

One thing that I have noted is that we can set one Problem or one Known Error process against each Service. However, some of our Services sit across a number of teams, so I was interested in seeing how this may have been implemented by others who also have Services that sit across a number of teams. The main example I can include off hand would be our Systems Support Service - we have one catalogue item for raising a System Issue where our Customers can select a system from a provided list, or enter a 'Not Listed' value - the BPM then uses this data to farm out the request to a number of different teams dependent on the system selected. 

So I just wanted to confirm my thoughts above in that we will have one standard Problem and Known Error BPM setup, and use the PC when raising to capture the team it is for, then use this data to move the request to differing teams for action

Many thanks as always!



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