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Impact Assessment Results not showing


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Dear Hornbill Community,


I've been trying to make use of the impact assessment function, I like it because it allows my organisation to make questions weighted to create questionnaires.

The problem I'm having is that wile the assessment pulls through on the BPM, it fails to show on anything else when try and upload it into a custom field for email & external authorisations, it just shows the Impact Level. (High, low, etc)


Could anyone advise me on where I'm going wrong?


Kind regards,

Martin Mensah

Business Analyst


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Hi Martin,

as far as I am aware the Impact Assessment function is completed by the Analyst upon accepting a request and it will trigger depending on the location of the assessment node in the BPM - is it this internal function you are referring to?

We have looked into having this function completed by the Customer but as it is only available in Service Manager / in the BPM we have setup an impact assessment that the customer completes which writes to custom data fields for Impact, Urgency, Patient (Customer) Impact etc



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