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Suggested Enhancements for Asset Management

Frank Reay

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We have recently started using Asset Management and as a result have a number of suggested enhancements. Support from other Customers using this functionality would be very welcome!

  • Notes (field tips) describing Fields – these are only available to the administrator when creating an Asset Type. They are not available to the users who I would suggest are the people that need to see these ‘descriptors’ to assist when inputting.
  • Audit Log does not show Creation details – when viewing the audit trail for an individual asset there is no info about the creation. The Audit Trail button actually only appears after the first change has been made (and then does not show the Creation info). This info is available from the List screen but that is not user friendly.
  • Within the General Info section there is a field for Company and within Physical Location Info there is a field for Site. These are hierarchical so when the Company is chosen this limits the Sites available based on the Sites config. We have a many-to-many relationship so in the Sites config screen we have left Company blank (otherwise you have to choose just 1 Company). This means that in an Asset, once a Company is chosen there are no Sites available for use to choose from. If we select Site first then Company we can actually get around this validation – however Company appears first and this is not really a suitable workaround. This may be suitable for some customers but I believe that there are parts of the system where this hierarchical validation can be switched off via Instance Settings. Can that be done here as well please.
  • When viewing an Asset, the Class field in the Details section is showing the raw DB value (eg 'basic' for the General Class) instead of the Display value. I have relabelled some of my Classes (via Translations) so this can cause some confusion.
  • Download option - when downloading data this does not reflect the View being used at that time. The user has to select the required columns from fresh. This is really frustrating.
  • List View – this has recently been improved but there is no Share option for customised views which would be very helpful
  • Asset Class icons and names – I would like to be able to update the images for Asset Classes. I have relabelled some of these (via Translations) and as such need different images. Also the images for Computer Peripheral and Computer system were swapped over last year but they are no longer aligned with the default images picked up by the underlying Asset Types within those Classes.
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Hi All,

If its ok i will link my posts also here about asset management Enhancements. 

Also a lot of Franks enhancements would help us for example Notes, Audit log etc.






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@Frank Reay yes i know this function but just for some small changes like 10 Assets move to a different Department or some thing like this it is not so user friendly. I would like to have the same what we can do with requests. and the delete function is already there so why not more actions are possible?


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Apologies - there is 1 more enhancement that has been highlighted to me.

When uploading a csv most of the Asset Classes have a Validation option (generally against Serial Number) which is really useful. However there does not appear to be such an option when a user is entering an individual asset within the app itself. This would clearly be very beneficial to stop duplicate entries. Could this be an available option for validation when the Save button is pressed?

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