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Auto Tasks and BPM in Supplier Manager

Frank Reay

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I see that in Supplier Manager the Custom Button does not enable Auto Tasks to be configured (which can be done in Service Manager). Is this due to be rolled out anytime soon in Supplier Manager?

Related to the above I was then wondering why we have a BPM tile in the Supplier Manager admin tile. When I tried to create a BPM here I get this message:


This came as a surprise as I thought my instance did include enterprise features! This BPM actually seems to be related Lifecycle Processes which was mentioned when this module was being rolled out as a future enhancement. So is this BPM tile just intended for future use and if so then is there a timescale on that?

Many thanks.

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@Frank Reay thanks for your post and apologies for the delayed response.

Yes we are planning on adding auto tasks to Supplier Manager but we are currently waiting for updated auto task functionality to become available for use by our development team. I don't have any timescales unfortunately but I will post back here when there is some news regarding auto tasks for Supplier Manager.


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