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Board Error causing workflow to crash

Adnan Zamurred

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Hi There,


I keep getting an error which results in the BPM crashing. Screenshot of the error is below. I have given all Basic and full users the role 'Board BPM Access' but still get this error. Sometimes it works completely fine. When it crashes, the refresh icon appears on the bottom left of the HUD, once clicked it all refreshes and works. This is causing some issues now as we have to keep manually refreshing the workflow. Is there something I'm missing? 











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That could be caused by the current User context not having access to Board Manager.

Looking at the above example, the previous action is to wait for an Owner, so if User A assigns the Request to User B the first step would be to check that User A has Board Manager access.

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Hi @Steve Giller,

Many thanks for responding,

The user (owner) this error keeps popping up for has the following roles for Boards : Board BPM Access, Board User and My Boards.

As for the assigning, at this stage this is the first time the request is assigned to an analyst. There is no re-assigning requests to other staff members.

Hope this make it more clear? Still experiencing the same issue

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