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Online Exchange update- awaiting response from Hornbill

Sandip Bhogal

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Hi Hornbill Support team,


The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust is currently in the process of migrating to exchange online. At the moment, we are in the initial phase of the implementation with a complete migration due by mid-March. 


As part of this project, we are planning to change the User Principal Name to make it the same as PrimarySMTPAddress (Email address). This change will be beneficial for users as it will allow to have one unified address when logging into Office 365 services (such as OWA/Webmail).


As shown in the below screenshot example, we are changing the User logon name and NOT the User logon name (pre-Windows 2000). The proposed plan is to make both the UPN and Primary email address the same - APag@Tavi-Port.nhs.uk. Once this change is applied, Axel will be able to log in to his PC and access other on premise resources with AxelPag (as we are not changing the User logon name (pre-Windows 2000). He can also login to his PC with APag@Tavi-Port.nhs.uk.





Could you please let us know asap if you envisage this could have any impacts/issues or if it will cause any compatibility issues with your system / the application you are supporting?


  • We will need to understand what work is involved if any impact of this change
  • Will there be any impact on Authentication?
  • Any impact on Emails from the system?


We are happy to have a brief call with you to discuss this. Please could you come back to us by the 5th Jan?


Please get back to us by email with answers to these questions.




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