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Customer change details

Andy Woodley

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We are creating an area on our Self-Service portal for customers to request a change of details (things like name/contact number etc). Is there a way for the customers to be presented with their current information when they are requesting the change through the portal? Maybe side-by-side with the changes they are requesting to be made? Example of how we envisage the page looking below. Underneath the current/request change details fields would be further questions regarding reason for the change before being able to submit the request.


Current details (automatically inserted through Hornbill)                                  Request Change details (User able to enter the changes here)

First Name: Joe                                                                                   First Name:
Last Name: Smith                                                                                Last Name:
Job Title: IT Service Desk Engineer                                                   Job Title:
Phone: 1578                                                                                         Phone:

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Hi @Andy Woodley

It is possible yes, within each question in PC you can use the variable picker next to the label field to get the logged in users variables, then simply copy and paste the variable code into the place you want it. These are the options availabe:



You won't be able to get it side by side on the self service view, however one on top of the other would be straight forward within the Progressive Capture config.

A couple of other points to mention here - users can change their own details on the self service in the top right of the portal too by clicking on the edit (cog) button to the right of their name:


The other point is that a user import may overwrite this info unless it is changed in the source (i.e. AD data) as well. This could be easily automated via the Hornbill BPM to make sure everything is kept up to date all of the time, but that is another conversation that I'd recommend a chat with Hornbill Customer Success about if you are interested (there may be a cost associated depending on your current subscription, and it also depends on the system holding the user data that would be updated i.e. Azure or on-prem AD, so we will need to discuss your requirements before getting into this detail)

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Guest Paul Alexander

Just hijacking this thread as we have a similar request as outlined by @Andy Woodley

Is there a way to get MORE information about the current logged in user please (in addition to the URN, email address currently listed please)?

We'd like their phone number, line manager, and department if possible please?



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