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Get information from email body to use as a connection or make the customer


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I am trying to get some information out of the email sent from the HR system in when someone leaves.

The email looks like 

Hi IT helpdesk

Leaver Name’s  manager has said that Leaver will be leaving the company soon.

Please could you review the list of property (below) that Leaver’s manager has identified – and tell that manager if anything is missing.

Manager: Manager Name

Employee: Leaver Name

Employee ID: 0012345

Job title: Leaver

Location: Home

Proposed last working day: 30th December 2020

  •  printer No
  •  workstation at home Yes
  •  laptop Yes
  •  iPad No
  •  mobile phone No
  • remote access token No
  • router No

I'd like to be able to extract the manager name and leaver and either make them the customer or a connection of the ticket or even be able to populate a custom field with the information.  And store the leave date somewhere too, and the kit list if possible 

Is this possible or is there anything I can do to at least log the ticket in the manager's name?

I got as far as pulling the cc into the BPM and making that into a connection but it doesn't recognise the username from the email address which I understand is what it needs, so won't email to it or display the connection properly

Thanks Helen 

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I think you should be able to do most of what you require with String Utilities --> Regex Substring (but don't ask me to help with the REGEX!)

The main thing to watch out for is the date - you'll need that to be in a format that the system understands.
All of the information you're extracting will need to be in exactly the same format every time (i.e. ideally automatically generated, humans are inconsistent) and will need to match the Hornbill data exactly if you're doing things like assigning customers etc.

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