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New Update: Hornbill Admin Tool (1327)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Admin Tool (1327) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:

  • Worklow - Bpm - Editor: when saving nodes or groups as a template include any selected "note" elements or group notes
  • Email - Shared Mailbox: You can now connect to your office 365 account with OAuth2 with KeySafe Credentials
  • Manage Employee Portal - Settings - Replaced option "Hide My Services" with "Disable Old Portals". This option will not only hide my services but also will redirect My Services and Service Portal to the new Employee Portal.
  • About Dialog: Uses new version info json file from build process instead of php.
  • System - Monitor - Log Files: log file tile only visible to users with "admin" priv level.
  • Home - Support: add subscription contacts and billing information to display hub.
  • Support View : Show stats above the graph.
  • webdav file get direct - remove use of header.authorization
  • ITOM: has now been moved out of preview.
  • App - Progressive Capture - Editor: Can now test for session userId,userLogin,userName and userHasRole in branches and form field conditions.
  • changed translations views to use new translations table list control (directive)
  • index.php is now index.html as part of our move away from php
  • removed majority of php calls, swapped out for direct webdav access.
  • system - languages: remove automatic translation for enGB to en-US as google does not support it.
  • ITOM - Job Queue: when creating job do not set default job title.
  • App - Workflow - BPM List: if the name provided for a workflow copy or rename already exists in system show meaningful warning.
  • system - organisational data: can manage guest accounts and guest account templates from org data view.
  • Support - Subscriptions - Passcode generator: prompt user to confirm overwriting of existing passcode if there is one
  • apps - reports - editor: select columns tab - added ability to filter the columns displayed in the available columns list
  • apps - workflow - pcf editor: on loading process check if any form options are out of sync. Manual save and activation after the re-sync is required.
  • system - email - routing rules: make table fill 90% of the screen horizontally instead of 60% as now showing more data
  • workflow - bpm - editor: drag and select nodes was not selecting any notes in the selection area.
  • translations directive - paging not resetting when changing filter
  • apps - reporting - editor: when saving report schedule reload report record so can get schedule jobid and can show schedule action buttons
  • system - monitor - log files: when viewing log file and user does not have permission error shows [object Object] instead of msg.
  • general - IE11 - failing to download plain/text files (report csv).
  • On switching from hornbill app to admin tool in IE11 get CSRF Token mismatch
  • Itom - Package Creator: After uploading a file to package remove temp session file.
  • Service Catalog - Service Domain: We fixed an issue were the order of the domains was changing randomly, and now reordering works correctly.
  • LDAP User Import, unable to add pre-import actions when none already exist
  • systems - data - database direct: preserve white space in data table value.
  • Make js admin.boostrap loading work in IE11
  • tile "is not enterprise" check failing.
  • workflow - lifecycles: lifecycle process flow list missing filter translations.
  • admin tool initialisation CORS error
  • System - Organisational Data - Site: Clicking on site type list btn launches invalid url (missing app name)
  • App - Reporting - Report Editor: save button is enabled when first loading a report that has schedule and email report enabled.
  • general: breadcrumb application name/id sometimes does not get remembered when refreshing page.
  • system - manage portals - guest accounts: disable random passwords btn if user does not have rightsC.manageSystemSettings
  • system - manage portals - guest accounts: hide action buttons if user does not have rightsA.managePortalAccounts
  • apps - reports - editor: select filter tab - "Against Table Column Value" list of columns not displayed for related entities
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