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Email Auto-Response - Non Associated Calls Only


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Our team does not work from email, our workstream is through Self Service / phone only and allowing replies to emails from Hornbill is incredibly useful when it populates the timeline.

As people have found that Hornbill is associated with an email address we have an increasing number of users emailing that address directly and at present someone has to go in regularly to manually reply to say that the mailbox isn't monitored and to log a request via self service or over the phone.

Would it be possible to apply an auto-response that only replies to non-associated emails to say the mailbox is not monitored?

We wouldn't want to autoreply to all emails, just for direct emails not associated with an open/held/resolved request.

If this isn't currently possible could it be considered for future inclusion?

Many thanks

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You could do this by having a new Routing Rule (running after you've applied all update emails etc.) that Raises a new Request - the BPM Workflow would then send an email to the customer and close the Request automatically.

This has benefits over a simple auto-response, ranging from simply being able to report on the number and sources of email requests, to utilising the power of a Business Process which allows you to react in any way you choose to the request.

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