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Wait for Update from Linked Request


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I have a process that I would like to wait for a request to be linked to it which I can achieve and I can get the linked child request to update the parent request with some text, however I put a suspend node in the parent request to 'wait for update' and although the linked child request updates the request but the parent does not 'unsuspend' and carry on the process.

Any help appreciated.

Child Request:


Update on Parent Request:


Parent Request node which doesn't recognise the update:


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HI @Jeremy

We have a similar process where we log a 'linked' request and then have to wait for that request to be completed, and the way we had to do it was to suspend and wait for the LINKED request to be updated with some specific text:




In the LINKED request, once the work has been completed, we then added a node to update that request with the same text that the originating request is looking for:




This works for us....I think we had a similar problem to what you're describing when we were monitoring the 'original' request rather than the 'linked' request in that it never 'unsuspended' itself. 




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I'm not sure whether you know about this or if this helps...but you can add a decision tree in your process to check for 'Linked Requests' (which will look for a number (I think) of linked requests) and, if it's 'set' then are some, if not, then there aren't!  You can then branch off to do something depending on what you find?




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hmm...is there DEFINITELY going to be a linked request at a particular point in the process? 

if so, you could have a manual activity or a suspend node which expires every x amount of minutes/hours as part of the checking loop which would only move on WHEN the linked request is added? 

If it could happen at any point in the process then I don't have any ideas!! 

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