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Business Process - On Hold node failing


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Hi All,

I'm just testing a new BP and it keeps failing at the on hold node and I've tried a number of things including deleting and recreating it and it keeps failing.  Can someone help please.

This is the error :image.png.a43fb69826b8dec7a0d05738861027c8.png

This is how the node is setup: image.png.4b14b427bba61473c07400d14d66f8db.pngimage.png.1b12b5dd892be3826d01698f6d66cdf5.png I've not had an issue before but I have a few on hold nodes and it keeps failing at each one. (I've deleted each one to test the process and to see if it fails at the next on hold).

Really confused - can anyone help please?



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