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Get Authorisers by role not working


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Hi all, 

Since a couple of weeks we hit some issues with our chance proces. 
We have 2 days to get approval after two days its delegated to a group of three to authorise. 



i First get the authorisers by Role, then a node to create a task to autorize. 



Somehow the Auto Assign gets filpped back to user instead of the variable form the previous node. 

To fix it i have to go in the running BPM and select a name in unther "autorization Owner " in oder to get the process to continue. 
The selected user is not in the Approvers list (or role selected by previous node ) but the task are assiged to the right people. 

Did we hit a bug here ? 
Did we do something wrong?

it has worked like this at least a year, but we recently only change the days for the expirey. 


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Hi Martyn,

The get authorisers by role (and the other one) returns a special variable that is an stringyfied array. The auto authorisation node  picks up that special variable automatically. The "owner" field is not a field to indicate who authorisers are and should only contain a user or variable that contains a userId.

I will add in some code to hide that special variable from the picker as it cannot be used for anything else than its intended purpose.


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Yup. The process should pick up the authorisers automatically. You will note if you add the auto auth node before you add a get authorisers call it will show you a warning on the node saying it cannot find flowcode node that is providing the automatic list.


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