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Default Email Visibility Per Service/ServiceDomain


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I'm not sure if this is already available so I was hoping to be pointed in the right direction if it is.

Is it possible to change the default value for email visibility in the timeline per ServiceDomain or by Service?

We have found that the default visibility for emails has been set to not shown but would prefer it shown in our own ServiceDomain.

If it's not available can this be considered for future inclusion?

Many thanks

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This feature would be great, so HR can have their actions (update,email,telephone,etc) as team visible via default which helps stop data leaking to the customer who isn't allowed to see certain updates due to how sensitive it is. Then other users of the system can have it customer visible by default, where they are meant to see 90% of the timeline. Currently we have the larger user base of the system but having to keep changing the visibility to minimize the HR risk. Which I have a feeling over time people won't bother the change it and we'll end up with customers not seeing anything much in the timeline, which isn't a good customer experience for non HR requests.

Each department using the system in our company is split out in Service Domains

Would love a setting like this ♥

Great suggestion AlexOnTheHill

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