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"Company Home" still in the service page

Alberto M

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I already changed the translation of "Company Home" to "Service Portal", as we want it to be showed to the users but, in the service page of the Employee Portal I still get "Company Home" (image below).

Where did I missed to "translate it"?

I've already changed it here:

  Translation Key Default Translated  
  user.core.home Company Home
Service Portal
  user.view.page.home Company Home
Service Portal Home


Thanks and regards,



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@Daniel DekelI might be doing something silly here but I cannot get the 'Company Home' to change, I have changed the home screen to the 'City of York Home' but when I go to another page I still see Company Home....what am I doing wrong?image.png.1b970292ba6473109ad1a3805d63db14.pngimage.png.1b970292ba6473109ad1a3805d63db14.pngCity of York Council Home' but when I go on another screen I still get Company Home at the top?

What am I doing wrong?



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