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Service Catalog Area- Customisation Feedback and Issue

Adnan Zamurred

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Hi there,

We have had some feedback from staff members after going live with the new employee portal. Once you go into the service catalog, if you have the screen zoomed (especially for staff who are visually impaired), when you select the options from the navigation menu e.g. Make a Request, Details etc, some staff didn't realise you need to scroll down because the page does not refresh. We've had several calls with feedback around this.

As we are using bulletins, is there a way to turn these off in the service catalog area? Or if we can re-arrange and get the bulletins to appear on the bottom. This will help with the issue.  


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Hi @Adnan Zamurred,

Thank you for your feedback. The bulletins are the most important information in the service therefore it has to be in the top and it definitely can't be hidden for that same reason. Perhaps if is not that important or not relevant all the time you can set a schedule the bulletin to be displayed only during certain dates and the hide these?

We have a future plan to improve the layout of the Service View but I'm afraid the bulletin will still be at the top.

I'm just thinking, is it possible that you are trying to use the bulletins as service information? Perhaps you can do that in the description of the service instead of a bulletin?



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