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Service Domains and Categories are not saving


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Good afternoon,

I set some time aside this afternoon to focus on the Employee Portal.  I've had a need to create some new Services, so I've done just that, but I cannot set the Service Domain and Service Category... no matter if I am doing it when creating a new Service or updating and existing Service.  This isn't a major issue as the changes are still applied when viewing them in the Employee Portal, but its really hard to ignore or tell if the Service has those values populated or not.

Updating an existing Service - I press the Pen + Paper icon

I set the Service Domain and Service Category and press Update


The changes are not being Saved

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Hi, Just to add that I observed this too. I was troubleshooting why one or our employee portal domain pages was showing no services. I reselected the domain Service in service portfolio. Even though my selection didn't appear to be saved, it did solve the problem. So although the fields appear blank, setting them is doing something.

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