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Removing Card from Board

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I have created a new BPM which is linked to a board. When the request is logged, it get added to the board which is great. When i close the request down, the ticket is closed but the item remains on the board. 



below is the config which i have used in the BPM:






what have i done wrong?




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Hi Dave,

I was wondering if you are familiar with Auto Tasks and the ability to create a custom button on a request that uses an Auto Task to perform actions using Hornbill Automations?

This can make it a lot easier for testing as you don't have to raise new requests and work through the workflow in order to see if this particular automation works or not.

This Help Page contains a basic description, but also a video on how you set these up.  It also has a nice little video to walk you through.  You may even find that you want to have a button permanently on your requests for removing from this board, so that you don't always have to wait for the workflow to remove it. 

It is difficult to say from the screen shots what the issue is.  I'm going to guess that for one reason or another, it is always going down the not set route.  To test, you can start within your Auto Task that doesn't include the decision node, and just do the get card info and then remove from the board and make sure that is working.  Once it is, then you can add the decision node so see if it following the correct route.

Let me know if you need any help with setting the Auto Task up. 


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