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SLA Change question

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

We recently updated out SLA to an automated SLA where it send notifications and writes to a breach board at certain trigger points.

After we started using it we did a review and agreed to lessen the number of notifications / emails being sent on a request as it was overwhelming certain teams, and its usefulness was in question. We previously sent out an email to the owning team every 24 hours for 5 days after the resolution SLA is breached, and we felt this was too many notifications. So we amended this so that we only send this email now 24 hours and 120 hours after the Resolution breach.

What I wanted to clarify is does the system retain the previous version of the SLA so that any requests raised up until we amended the SLA would still trigger every 24 hours as I note that a lot of the requests that were already in the breach board are still following the previous SLA configuration where it sends the email on 24 hours, and writes to the board, then it is moving it to the next lane still (I can not see the emails going out to the team but can see the requests still moving through the lanes which was under the previous SLA config)

Many thanks

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Had to expand a bit since is possible others might be interested in the explanation.... When a timer is created based on an SLA that has escalations configured, a series of events are also created for these escalations. The Events Service will be then responsible for managing and triggering these events. Because the event record is created at the time the timer is created then it will retain the configuration existing then. Any subsequent change to the SLA config (which will only apply going forward and is the config, not changing the SLA on a request) will not affect the existing event records...

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