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Reporting on analyst/engineer updates


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Hiya, I was hoping for a bit of advice on reporting on updates on requests from my 1st and 2nd line team......

At a high level I've found a couple of my team are resolving far fewer requests now they're working remotely however they've mentioned that with the majority of the organisation working remotely that they're encountering delays contacting users so I'd like to be able to see just how often they're updating requests each day and if possible (and better still the type of update e.g. comment / phone call etc) however unfortunately I lack the skills and intellect to work this out for myself.




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Pretty late to the party here, so perhaps the need has passed.  I just wrote two similar reports to what it sounds like you are wanting to see.  My purposes were a little different, the first version of the report shows all activity & communication, what and when it happened, against a single request.  As we are in the US and a public company, and our Sarbenes-Oxley auditors often ask for this kind of detail.  Like looking at ticket detail, but without access to Service Manager.  The second version was to check the tone and frequency of communications from a single user across all requests they interacted with.  I have not finished totally validating either report yet, but would be happy to walk you thru the process I used to create either/both of the reports, should you see value in such an activity. 

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