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Email routing rules to filter out/ignore out of office responses

James Gallally

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I am struggling to get the correct syntax relating to email routing rules. I have a few basic ones created and working, and it has just occurred to me that new tickets are being updated and created because I am not filtering out "out of the office" automated emails. 

I have taken the main rule [simply fromAddress != "x@y.co.uk"] that most of my tickets get created by and tried the following with no luck. Initially my rule was: 

fromAddress != "x@y.co.uk" and subject != '%out of the office%'

But this didn't work. After a while, I deleted the first part to see if I had made a mistake there and so my syntax is now just the subject filter. I have tried the following with and without the first section, I must be missing something obvious.

subject NOT IN ('out of the office')
subject NOT IN ('%out of the office%')
subject NOT LIKE '%out of the office%'
subject != '%out of the office%'
subject != 'out of the office'

I have tried replacing the ' with " and it seems to make no difference.

For my test, I have been sending a email with just out of the office in the subject and then the expression as the body content just to make sure I am not making a silly typo.

Once I get this working, I will have to put in some variables ie out of the office, out of office etc so something like:

subject NOT IN ('%out of the office%', '%out of office%')

Is anyone able to share how they filter out out of office emails?

I have read the following: Wiki - Email Routing Rules, routing rules do not process emailsRouting rules do not raise requests from emails or apply emails to requests




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Hi @James Gallally we are doing it like this: 

AND (subject NOT LIKE 'Out of Office%' AND subject NOT LIKE 'Abwesend%' AND subject NOT LIKE 'Automatische Antwort:%' AND subject NOT LIKE 'Automatic reply:%' AND subject NOT LIKE 'Automatic reply:%')


best regards



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