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Custom field not being populated

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

We've got some requests which are using the custom_r field to hold the user id of an approver. A value HAS to be provided for this, and it is taken from a 'user picker' drop down.




In the 'questions' section of the request the person selected DOES show.




However, in the extended information database, custom_r (which is, I think! - custom_18) is empty and this is causing the BPM to fail. 



this has worked perfectly well for a VERY long time, but has started erroring this morning. 


Has anything changed please?

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Guest Paul Alexander

Update to this:

The requests which are failing are all requests where the PCF branches off to another set of questions 



This 'other' PCF does NOT have any questions which would overwrite custom_r, but it does seem like it's this 'branching' off which is the problem because, if I log a request which does NOT branch off, then the request works perfectly.



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Guest Paul Alexander

This is happening again:

A request where h_custom_a should have information in by default (it's a hard coded default value) doesn't have any information in the custom field.






I'll log this as a fault but is anyone else having these problems?



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