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Group requests from members of a particular group

Paul Alexander

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This is an extension to this request:


We're about to embark on a big job, and our service desk will need to know which requests are logged by the people on this job as they will be dealt with by a specific sub-team in the service desk. We are going to update the user accounts of these customers who are on this job to show that they are part of this group by adding some text to a custom field on their user account using the LDAP import.

My question is: could the option of filtering a request view BASED ON THE CUSTOMERS ACCOUNT DETAILS be considered please? In other words, I'd like to be able to filter a list of requests by selecting whether a custom field in the user record contains some text. 

I understand that I COULD do this through the BPM (getting the customer info and updating a custom field in the request, and then filtering by that) but that's really not something I want to do! 

Any ideas please?



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