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Update Status node

Neil Smith

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I am aware that there have been issues with the Update Status node, after a deployment in October, and a workaround, and a subsequent fix was provided.

However, we are still having issues with processes where there is an auto update status node.  For example. we have approval tasks on requests, and we have set an expiry deadline on those.  Once those tasks have expired, the customer is emailed, and the status of the request is automatically set from Open to Cancelled.  The later automation is the piece that isn't functioning.  

We are not seeing any errors in the workflow, and we have applied the necessary workarounds, and are now up to date with patching, so I'm at a loss as to why this has now stopped working, as it has worked consistently for the last year.

Are you able to advise?

Many thanks,


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Hi @Neil Smith

Ignore does exactly what it says on the tin.
In this case there's nowhere for Auto to Automatically pick the value from.
The only option that can work in this scenario is Manual.
If you set it Manual with a value of Cancelled, run some tests on it and it's still not working then we can look into it further - all we can say from the screenshot provided is that your node is set up to not change the Status.

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Hi @Victor Yes I'm publishing the process every time we make a change.  This is happening on all our service request processes, so I've taken a copy of one of them, and applied them to our test service, so we can test in isolation. 

The live processes have not been republished for quite some time, which is why it seems odd that it was working previously, and now it isn't.

Appreciate your help.

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