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Issue saving additional fields within Ticket Description text box within incidents

James Gallally

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Morning all,

Within an incident in service manager, in the ticket details section, I have/am trying to add a view additional fields. I can add the appropriate fields, and they appear in the incident after a fresh, however i am having an issue whilst trying to use a yes/no field. The context as to why I am doing is this is I have been asked to create a view (so am limited to Custom attributes A - O & 21 - 30) that will display all incidents with the yes field checked. 

Within the incident, when I edit the ticket details and select either yes or no, the very first time I select the option (and providing I don't change my mind) the same button is activated, and I can save my change. If I hit save, and then later want to change it again, or if I change my mind and hit No -> Yes etc, the only way I can seem to get the save button to become active is if I hit Ctrl + F5.

Any ideas?



2020-12-01 09_08_02-Window.png

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