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Erorr 522 when accessing Hornbill instance [RESOLVED]

John C

Message added by Victor,

There was a brief issue with one of our webservers which has been fixed

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Regarding the issue itself, the following was the root cause:

At 10:06 on 30/11/20, we detected a significantly higher load on one of our API distribution services (NGINX), whilst not a problem this was noted and a plan of action invoked that would release the resources during the next maintenance window (2am tonight).

Unfortunately, this got worse and at 11:33 became critical. The planned action was then carried out as an emergency and resolved at 11:40.

We are investigating the root cause to fully understand why the load increased and continue to monitor. As part of the emergency plan additional resources were added to prevent a second re-occurrence.

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3 hours ago, Victor said:


Re: Status page. The issue here lasted approx 7-10 min. Our main focus is to ensure all relevant parties are aware and working on restoring service availability. Then we update the status page, forums, etc. On this occasion fixing the issue was very quick which means we didn't get to make an incident on Status page. We will however looking to add a post mortem event there.


Shouldn't the status page, show the service as down or something to that effect, while the service was down for those 7-10 minutes?

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