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Contact Centre telephony Integration

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Hi ,

We are looking at Amazon Connect as a possible replacement for our Unify Contact Centre software that we use on the service desk for receiving phone calls.

I am trying to find out if and how Hornbill may be able to integrate with Amazon Connect or potentially other systems (telephony)?

Would this be through the use of specific API's?

I'm not overly familiar I'm afraid with API's and integrating into other systems (Hornbill in this case).


Any info would be most useful




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Hi @lee mcdermott

At the moment we don't have any particular CTI integration.

Your CTI solution MAY have capabilities to trigger the running of scripts based on certain actions (i.e. picking up the call, ending the call). Through that it should be possible to communicate to Hornbill.

WHAT can be communicated will ultimately decide what can be done to marry Hornbill with your particular CTI platform.

We appreciate CTI is a standard, and on the basis of that, we will likely be looking into a more robust/integrated solution at some stage in the future.

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