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Change Management Business Process and Adding Requests to Boards


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Within the Change Management Business Process we have used the Hornbill Automation to Add the Change Request automatically to Boards, and for them to move across to the appropriate Lanes, depending on the Stage it is at. 

Since testing the Business Process, by logging a Request we have found that the first part works as the request is shown on the Change Board within the triage lane, however once the request is triaged, it should then move to the next Lane and it is here were we are receiving the error ... I have added the error in the word document attach, along with screenshots of the Business Process and Node setting....  please can someone point me in the right direction...  

Thanks Jo

Error on BPM with Adding to Board Nodes.docx

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We don't have a visual of the board, so I have to suggest that you double-check that the Lanes definitely exist, and there are no typos in the config.

Secondly, I notice that the Order parameter is set to Auto - by default this is Ignore, I would recommend changing that back to the default unless you are going to supply a value explicitly.
Note that the part of the Error message we can see ends in "Input p..." so I suspect this may be the issue here.

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@JoanneG In the Admin Console if you go to Home - Applications - Service Manager - Business Processes - Executed Processes

Use the 'Ext Reference' field to locate the affected request.  From here under the Actions section there is a 'Show Process Logging info' option.  Locate the entries for the time the error occurred.

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