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request for new email with password

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I've created new service called HR, and now i need to create mailbox for them called support3-tpnhs@live... with a password allocated to be setup soon as possible. I've got premium support available also, not sure if this is something that needs to be put on the forums, not sure if there are other ways of communication with the Hornbill support, keep getting told to use forums all the time. Please advise, many thanks


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Hi @Sandip Bhogal

Before you can add a new mailbox, we just need to establish if you have one available or whether you need to purchase an additional one. I can see from our records you have actually got 5 mailboxes currently. Do you know if they are all currently in use?

If you are unsure, navigate to the Admin Tool and click on System -> Email -> Shared Mailboxes and in the corner it should tell you how many you currently have set up. as per below:



If you can let us know, then we can advise of the next steps

Kind Regards


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