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Create Business Process which will allow Request to be Automatically Closed


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Good Afternoon, 

Is it possible to create a Business Process which will allow a request to be logged and resolved straight away. 

Reason: on the Service Desk, we are wanting to ensure all calls are logged and resolved, even the ones which are fixed immediately, for example providing the user with appropriate telephone number, so just wanting to make the logging / resolving process as quick as possible...

Many thanks 


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@JoanneG That should be a relatively straightforward Process - it can be as simple as setting the status to "Closed" although that would probably be a bad idea!

The best way to approach this is to consider the minimum steps that a User would take through a simple Request and automate each one. There will be a node that can do each of these steps, for example setting a Priority, assigning the Request, updating the Timeline, Emailing the Customer, and Resolving then Closing the Request.

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When logging requests at the end we have a custom form which asks the analyst if they would like to:

  • Log and Assign - this gives the option to assign to a team within Service Manager
  • Log and Resolve - logs and resolves to the customer, this only sends the resolution email.
  • Log and Accept - logs the request and then puts in the analysts queue
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