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View filter for 'before x days' not working

Paul Alexander

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Hi Paul,

I have tried it on my instance, and i get similar requests numbers back which are only Resolved in the last 5 days, as after 5 days our requests move to Closed Status (I presume you may also have the 5 day auto closure set in your BPM's) so in effect I think the report is looking for anything that is still in a Resolved Status for the last 30 days, and as most of our requests move to Closed after 5 working days it is only showing the most recently Resolved.

So might be worth looking at the Closed request data for the last 30 days, along with the Resolved 

FYI - Tried this request list view on our instance, and with just Resolved I am seeing 21 requests, but with Closed and Resolved I am seeing 543 requests, 

Hope this helps



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HI @Adrian Simpkins

Thanks for that....I'm trying to see whether our requests are closing as they should be (we have a similar system to you where the BPM should Close the requests after 5 days) but I know that some aren't working (because we've got so many requests and I know that some weren't configured correctly at the beginning - and I've left it far too long to see which ones aren't working!)

So, what I was looking for was a list of requests in the resolved state, and which have been in that state for longer than 5 days. That was I can see which BPM's need to be checked to make sure that the 'close after 5 days' option working. 

I CAN do this using just the 'resolved' search, but I was trying to filter out the ones which have been resolved for longer than a few days, hence the 'resolved on' search. I've now done this (using the search for 'resolved status' option) but I thought maybe Hornbill could let me know why the 'resolved on' in the last x days wasn't working.




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@Paul Alexander thanks for posting up.

I've just been checking this out and you are using it correctly, however I am seeing a similar issue to you where it does not appear to be correctly applying the filtering for the "before x days" option.  I'll raise a problem to investigate this further, in the meantime the "before" filtering option with a specific date is filtering as I would expect so I'm not sure if you're able to achieve what you need to with that as a temporary workaround?

Kind Regards,


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