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Good Morning, I am trying to create a reports to search for requests which have the word Covid in summary/description, which was resolved on the previous day.  However on checking the reports it isn't showing a request which was resolved yesterday, so i am not sure where i am going wrong, please see below my filter, can anyone provide me with advice.

Thank you Joanne 


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Hi @JoanneG

Often in these scenarios, it's best to work backwards with a bit of trial and error. So the next step to take is to remove the 3 "Summary" and "Description" LIKE Clauses in your filter and just make sure that some results are returned (i.e. all Service Requests/Incidents that were resolved yesterday).
Within that result set should be the one you are referencing (if it's not, then there is an issue with the other criteria). 

Then add the Clauses back in one by one, and check the Data Preview tab to ensure it gets filtered down and but still displays the request you are looking for to prove it's working. If you could give this a go, and let me know the results then we can go from there. 

(By the way - looking at your clauses, everything seems fine so far. So my first port of call would be to take a close look at the request you expect to be returned and ensure it meets all of the criteria).

Kind regards


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@JoanneG I'll defer to Bob if I'm mistaken, but I think that Requests -> h_description value equals %covid% should be Requests -> h_description value is like %covid% as the equals function will not parse the % character as a wildcard.

Also Requests -> h_description value is like %COVID-19% whould be covered by Requests -> h_description value is like %covid% as the comparison is not case sensitive and it contains covid.


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