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hi. All of our user email addresses have been imported to Horbilll as user id@corby.gov.uk. For example, john.smith@corby.gov.uk appears in Hornbill admin as jsmit@corby.gov.uk. This has been the case since we signed up to Hornbill in 2016 and has never been an issue. However, over the weekend we switched from Outlook 2013 to Office365 and all emails sent from Hornbill to users are failing. We think it's because the email addresses are not complete in Hornbill admin. Is there a quick fix? One of my colleagues has mentioned switching the 'alias' emails from Outlook 2013 to Outlook365.

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Hi @derekgreen

Where are your users being imported FROM? And which fields do you have mapped in the User Import Scripts?

For us, we're importing from AD, and the Email field is being populated by the [Mail] AD attribute. If yours is setup differently, I reckon it SHOULD be as easy as changing that field in the import, and then rerunning the import? Although I MAY be missing something here!! 


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