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Creating a new organisation and transferring existing call queue

Jamie A

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Hope you are well. I need help/advice please!

I need to move over existing HB requests/incidents from EPR Technical (to remove) and replace with a new team called "EPR Printers & Devices".

Note sure:

How to transfer the existing queue


I cannot create the new team as do not know where the "Organisation Id" is being pulled from?








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The Organisation ID is generated from the Team ID that you assign when it's created, and the Parent (if any) that you select on the form - so in the example above the EPR Technical team has its ID of EPRTechnical, and its parent is the EPRT organisation, whose parent in turn is EPR, then SubICT, then DivFINICT, and all are under the GOSH Company ID.

The documentation is on the wiki.

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