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Error in Board Manager- Move Card on Board

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Hi Team,


I've set up a BPM where once the budget holder approves a request via the authorisation node, it moves a card from the board to the next lane. However, it randomly throws an error and crashes the workflow when you open the ticket. When you then refresh by clicking the icon next to the HUD, the error disappears and the request correctly progresses. Surprisingly, when I do this it works completely fine with no errors, not sure if its because I am a super user. 


This has happened with several requests now and as a result leaves tickets hanging in the system, hence can this be looked into urgently? 






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HI @Adnan Zamurred

What is the error you get?

If you are seeing this problem only with certain users, it maybe that certain users don't have access to the Boardmanager app
You could grant permissions to all in Admin tool by going to Home > Applications > Hornbill Board Manager > Roles
Select the Role Board BPM Access, click on the Assigned User tab and then the Add All Users button and set User Type to any Any and click save
This won't give access to boards but will ensure that anyone interacting with boards through BPM will not have any rights problems



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Hi @TrevorHarris,


The error I get is in the screenshot below. I've done what you asked above, can you confirm that will resolve the error? 

Hoping to fix this asap as most of the tickets getting stuck now. When I click the refresh icon towards the right of HUD to progresses the ticket and removes the error. 



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Hi @TrevorHarris,


Hope you're well, just coming back to this post again. Unfortunately, I've just seen the error again. After getting the error I checked the user's roles, Board BPM Access was missing? I followed what you said above and assigned the roles to all type of users, but looks like it didn't do it. I checked in the BPM Board Access role, it seems like it only assigned it to 663 odd users only but we have much more basic users. 

Really worried as this will start causing workflows to fail again



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