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Power BI - ADO.NET: R script error. Error: The report 'xx' is already running.

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Hi @Steve G,

When refreshing the Power BI query I constantly get the following error which halts the import. When rerunning the refresh multiple time it sometimes goes through.

ADO.NET: R script error. Error: The report '47' is already running. Please wait for it to complete before attempting to re-run the same report. Execution halted

Any advise on how to resolve this?

Already disabled some old queries which are not updated anymore to minimize the reports generated. Also adjusted suspendSeconds to a higher number but still no affect.

# Suspend for X amount of seconds between checks to see if the report is complete
suspendSeconds <- 10

Rind regards,


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Hi @m.vandun,

This message just means that the report is already being run on your Hornbill instance, either from the admin tool or a script that has executed it. You can check the running status of a report in the admin console - it's on the Status column in the Report History tab. You (or your automated scripts) will need to wait until the current report run is complete before firing off another request.



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@Steve G,

I understand this but there is no report running, at least not that I can see in the report overview. Even if I run this the first time on a new day I get this error(last refresh try is has been more than 24 hours ago). This should be plenty time for any report to finish.

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@Steve G

Just tried refreshing again and still the same error. The last refresh I tried was yesterday and completed after a few tries. Checked the report section but there does not seem to be a report generated. The last reports are from 11-11 and 12-11 in the overview.

report 46:


Report 47:


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