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Hornbill SSO SAML certificate


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We recently discovered an issue while developing our own application to be compatible with Azure and SAML as you have a Signing Certificate that cannot have an infinite expiration.
We then decided to check the Hornbill application that is set up with SAML from the Azure community/marketplace where you have uploaded the app and we then found an expiry date
We now wonder how this will be updated? Will you send a new certificate out via e.g. Email or will it be pushed automatically via Azure marketplace?

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We don't generate the signing certificate its automatically generate by Azure.  When your certificate nears expiration you can generate a new one in Azure and then update the certificate in Hornbill through the admin tool.

Please refer to Azures documentation for more information on managing certificates

And to this page for information on how to update your SAML  metadata in Hornbill


Trevor H

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