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Feature Request - Reference other BPMs/Automations.


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It would be really good if there was an ability to create a specific part of a BPM that is used in more than one location and then call it from within an existing BPM. Not only would this save on time but also on clutter within a BPM. 

This would also be really nice for the ITOM/Automation Tasks stuff as that can be quite a large BPM in of itself so to be able to have that created elsewhere and then just called would be great. 

As an example we are going to be automating more AD group membership calls and when the AD automation succeeds we will have the call close itself off. This would be changing all our BPM's to add in the four Honrbill Automation steps to get customer details, get the category, set the resolve text and then set the status to resolve. If instead this could be pulled out and then called in one node that would be a massive improvement. 

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