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Custom Fields not Populating in E-mails


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I have created several e-mail templates for a process that I am currently working on. However, the h_custom fields are not pulling through although they do seem to work fine in an authorisation node. Please can someone advise as to why this might be happening? Thanks

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Hi Trish,

Could you provides a screen shot of the email template that doesn't seem to be working, making sure that you hide any info that you don't want to be public.  

Did you select the variables from the provided picklist or did you manually type them in?  Using the picklist will help make sure that there are no mistakes in the format of the variable field.



Custom fields are sometimes populated as part of a BPM workflow.  Is it possible that the email is being sent before these fields are populated?

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Can you check the underlying HTML of the email? (Use the Source button the in editor)
If you make any manual changes to the variable (e.g. changing Custom A to Custom B, or adding ESP conditions) the editor can sometime puts formatting in behind the scenes. If that formatting appears between the {{...}} tags the engine won't recognise it as a variable.

Using the picklist as @James Ainsworth recommends will avoid this.

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Hi @James Ainsworth and @Steve Giller,

Thank you for responding.

@James Ainsworth I did use the variable picker for my custom fields. The below is an example of the issue despite me using this:(


I added a Get Request and Get Pro Cap nodes before one of the e-mails to see if this would help (please see image below) ... it didn't.


@Steve Giller I am unsure of what the HTML of the e-mail is but I took a screenshot of the information that appeared after I clicked on the source button. I don't know if this would help.


Please let me know if you need any other info. Thanks again :)


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