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Copy Request feature - no SLAs attached

Helen Chaytor

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We used the Copy Request feature to raise a new call this morning based on a call logged earlier today. The new call created did not have SLAs attached and is not visible in Manage Executed Processes (view below is 'All Non-Completed', I also checked 'Completed'). The new call is IN00025614 and should be between the 2 that are visible.

Is this how the Copy Request feature is supposed to work?





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36 minutes ago, Steve Giller said:

What is the current state of the Request that IN00025614 was copied from?

The original call (IN00025608) is currently in a resolved state. Looking at the timeline it would have been in a resolved state when it was copied.


37 minutes ago, Steve Giller said:

Does the original Request have a BPM attached and and SLA assigned?




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@Helen Chaytor

Thank you, that rules out the source Request not having a valid Workflow.

There is a resolved issue where copying a Request raised from a Catalog Item will use the Default Workflow for the Service rather than the Workflow attached to the CI. If the Service does not have a Default Workflow then no Workflow is assigned.
The fix for this will be in the next Service Manager build.
The workaround is to (where practical) ensure the Service has a Default Workflow assigned.

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