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Can Live Chat be restricted?


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@Joy Live chat currently has the ability for chat requests to be directed to one Team. Use of Live Chat is managed through roles, so if a customer has the role, they can start a chat session with a member of the live chat team.

Gong forward we are looking to expand this, so that multiple live chat teams can be defined and chat requests will be able to be routed to the appropriate resolver team, so think IT, HR etc.

Once this is available we can let you know, but right now it would only be possible to initiate a chat session with a single live chat team, which may or may not satisfy your need for only one Service Area to offer this channel. 

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Hi @Steven Boardman, I probably didn't explain myself clearly enough. So on our self service portal we have different pages where requests can be raised based on the topic, i.e. a HR section, Recruitment section, Finance section, IT section etc.

I wanted to find out if we can set the Live Chat function so that it will only be appear to the customer when they are on the HR page as we want it directed to our back office HR Team only? As it stands no other areas are utilising the chat function, so the fact you are looking to expand for multiple chat teams will be a great future option also.

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