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Add a manager for a contact?

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I am starting to add more and more contacts into my system, a number of my BPM asked the requester manager for approval, is there an option for a manager to be selected for a contact? Does a custom button need to be used?

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@Steven Boardmansorry, i mean, I have added a new custom button on the contact view:




is there any way i can get this to appear in the customer details view when a ticket has been logged?




if not, can a BPM look to see what the value of the 'financial approver' button and then depending on the answer i could use a decision node on the BPM? 

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@David Longley glad you answered the first bit. 

On the second bit, you can use the BPM to look up a contact's custom field values and do something with it.

Here i am using a Get Request Info node, then the decision is looking at the Customer Type and if contact - use the Get Customer Info Node and a Post to timeline and the variable picker to inject the value of custom field 1 into the timeline.  If it was a co-worker it would ignore and end



Contact Record (custom field value)



Output of logged Request


I've also added the custom field to the customer section of the request from Home > Applications > Service Manager > Configuration > Requests > Customer Section



Here is the process definition if you wanted to check anything from this.


Hope that get's you what you need



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