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Chris Bardell

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I have noticed something that might be good as an additional feature, feel free to correct me if its already in place or if i am doing something wrong here :)

When raising a request through the Self Service Portal users have the option to 'Paste Images Here' when adding any attachments to a call.


When an Analyst/Service Manager User uses the same capture they can only upload an attachment and not copy and paste. When analysts log calls and want to add any attachments to the call they have to use (for example) Snipping Tool then save the image and then press upload attachment and navigate to where they saved the image and then upload it.  It would save analysts/Service Desk members of staff several clicks if we had the option to paste the image in the same way users can in the Self-Service Portal.


Chris :D 

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@Chris Thanks for the post. 

When the employee portal / employee mobile were launched earlier in 2020, they took advantage of the new progressive capture v2 (all the logging forms including the attachment form).  We are currently working on migrating from progressive capture V1 to V2 for the agents interface.   

Once this is complete the copy and paste option will be available to the agents too.  

There won't be anything you need to do, it will just be available as an option once we switch to V2 (all your existing progressive capture flows will continue to work as they currently do with V1. 

No definitive date for this as of today, but it is currently being worked on, so hopefully not to long to have to wait. 

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