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BPM Suspend node

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Hi All,

I'm currently working on a new BPM for our New Starters and part of that might involve getting equipment back from a leaver if they are replacing someone.  I want to be able to have a human tasks that asks the analyst to confirm if the specific item has been returned and if not to email the Manger, I then want a delay before the human task appears again (giving the manager time to sort out the return and not confusing the analyst).  I've created this using the 'suspend' option but it's not quite working.


It works fine if it only actions one suspend node (by just answering one task) but as soon as you say no to all 3 for example it doesn't like it and everything just stops in the call (as in the human tasks never appears again but it doesn't error).  I can see why to be fair.

I'm sure there may be an easier way to design this however I've been looking at it over the last few days and just cant see it.

Can anyone suggest an alternative way? 



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